16 May 2009

I have a new one for us

Ok, so we are all familiar with the rumors about LDS people: we are a cult, we have horns, we can't swim, we never drink soda...I won't get into the really ludacris ones because I think they are a little offensive. But all in all, they make for a good laugh. Well today I heard a new one...

I've been staying with this family, Vinny a single dad and his daughter, Brittany. My dad made friends with Vinny back in Hawaii, and has kept in good contact with him since. Now Vinny lives in Maryland right outside of D.C. and has been gracious enough to let me stay here, even buy my favorite flavor and brand of ice cream and let me make pancakes. Really, I feel very welcome here.
Well, I've been feeling a little lonely and restless with nothing to do. So today, I went on a run on some trails that a nice man wearing a turban pointed out to me this morning. Vinny lives on an Air Force base, far away from real communities or popular nature walks, but his housing development was awesome enough to have trails! So I enjoyed that little bit of peace and quiet with Jose Gonzales this morning. Then later in the afternoon, I asked if there was a library within walking distance. He said there was and that he could take me there. Well, we got there an hour before it opened, so he drove me around to see the sites of Maryland, namely, the ghetto which is where he feels his roots are buried. It was tight, nigga, tight. An hour later, we arrived back at the library and I went on my merry way reading children's stories about caged birds in Cambodia and looking up cool CD's like Bjork's Greatest Hits. Finally, it was time to leave, it was getting hotter and humidier and I was getting hungry. Since I have no agenda, no places to be, I decided to go for another walk all the way home. It took about half an hour to walk along the highway, walk through the gate onto base and make it all the way home without getting significantly lost. I make it sound like it was inconvenient, but I really enjoyed spending some time outdoors and to myself. Hours later, at dinner at a nearby restaurant, Vinny asked if I had a limited amount of hours I could spend in a car? I was confused, but answered 'yes' figuring it was a personal question like 'do I like driving or being in a car for a long period of time?' Then he clarified, saying, "Well, you know, I see those missionary boys, you know the ones that knock on doors?" yep, I know the ones. "Well, I always see them riding bikes and thought it was because you guys couldn't drive in cars." you mean, you think driving and riding in cars is against our religion? "Well, yea I read it somewhere a long time ago and I think somebody told me that, too." <(laughing a little) No, no, no we can drive cars and ride in them, even carpool them. I'm a big fan of carpooling.> Well, I knew you liked to walk, and you didn't want me to pick you up from the library, so I figured that was the reason. Sorry, I was raised catholic.

I can't blame him. All the evidence was there.
So now we can't spend too much time in cars.
Damn our pioneer-handcart heritage.

I really appreciate Vinny and Brittany, they've treated me like royalty - I should make that clear.


Kathleen said...

oh that was too funny. I really enjoyed that. at first i thought, where is she going with this? but it adds up. i think youre pretty good at math.

Kathleen said...

what color jacket???!!

Brooke said...

That was a great story!
When do you move into your new pad?

and, um. no. You are getting that shirt back as soon as I know where to send it. DC needs you in that shirt.

BUT, I have to tell you I was definitely meant to wear it yesterday. At my job in the library I went upstairs to re-shelve books at the circulation desk and everybody back there was wearing purple and they said "Today is Amy's birthday and she asked everyone to wear her favorite color to work."
And I wished Amy a happy birthday and told her I wore the purple shirt just for her!

But I really didn't mean to steal it. So you will get it back post-haste!

Marie said...

I love Bjork's Greatest Hits. I have it. I should have given it to you.

I rarely ride in cars! I guess I fit the bill!

I love Vinny.

And you.

Sondra said...

Guess I had better start walking to Wal-mart.

kelly said...

sondra shared your funny story in rs today, it was very appropriate! have you been to georgetown yet, that was fun. i know how it is to get somewhere and be bored, when does your job start? it will be great. miss you!

jemfar said...

We can't stop laughing! Do you have a pioneer hand-cart heritage that I don't know about? Dad says, yes you do. The Plumbs settled central Utah and Arizona (on your grandmother's side. Sorry, all you have on my side is possible mafia connections. Love ya, Mum and Dad!