08 May 2009

Piano Recital

Molly's piano recital was last night. I have been teaching piano to Molly all semester. I love teaching. Both my parents are teachers and I've witnessed some trying times for teachers, which has taught me to give them the respect they deserve, but consequently extinguished all desire for me to become a teacher. Teaching piano is different than teaching academics, granted, but it still creates that teacher-student relationship where you want this little person to succeed and never give up! It has been a really eye-opening semester.
Since, I'm leaving for D.C. next week, I had to discontinue her lessons, but what kind of teacher would I be if we didn't have a recital with cake and brownies???

Molly and the keys

Student and teacher and pretty, pretty flowers

Molly and family and me

Thank you, Hansens!


Kathleen said...

youʻre kinda pretty.

kelly said...

that is cool you taught someone piano and it is good to have experiences that teach you what you like and what you don't. you look so pretty in that pic with her. cute girl! good job!