12 May 2009

Yellow is for Bananas

Yellow cat, yellow cat, who spilled citrus smart water on you?
Yellow cat, yellow cat, it wasn't nice because now we all point and laugh at you.
Brooke found this kitty outside Kilby Court last Tuesday. Brooke would never
point and laugh - she is really just admiring from a safe distance.
But seriously, what are they feeding you, yellow cat?


Brooke said...

I would never ever point and laugh at such a beautiful and rare creature.

Maybe cats are colored that way on Pluto?
Or maybe you're right--maybe someone just poured some neon lemon-flavored koolaid on him.

Whatever it is, he was a nice cat.

Sarah said...

Cats are NOT nice, Brooke. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Having said that, Red, I'm SO sorry I missed your going-away party. And I was having a cow that it had to happen! I'm such a rotten friend. I love you so much, sweety. I really really do. I'm going to miss getting my Red Hugs. A lot. You don't know what your hugs mean to me, love! But we'll always have blogging, though it's definitely not the same thing. I love you! Have fun, experience everything, and be happy!!

Marie said...

Jess, I can just hear you singing that to some random, out of key tune in your sweet little voice.

Love ya!

Sondra said...

Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you found me. Yes, I blog to keep up with my far away family and friends. Now I can keep up with you!