05 May 2009

Koenig und Koengin

Shoshone (shu-shone) Falls.
This is where you jump
in the air
and gravity
never catches you.
I spent the weekend with my friendboy (if you're dyslexic, that's great) in Brigham City, UT and Twin Falls, ID and then Brigham City again. The days felt like summer time in Alaska - they never ended. We ate frozen yogurt from the frozen yogurt factory, watched movies, did yoga, made cookies and fruit salad, made people laugh, made conversation, and other makeable things. I really loved my weekend.

We roadtripped to the temple Saturday morning. We made a few wrong turns and flipped a few ill-advised u-ees, but we made it their because God doesn't want to stop anyone from getting to the temple, I'm sure.

At the luncheon, we met a couple named Doug and Analisa and they were funny. They liked us a lot. The next day was going to be there first year anniversary. When we said goodbye, I said goodluck on your anniversary in Idaho. I have faith in them because love never fails, not even in Idaho.

This one time in Target, we got frustrated with each other because we couldn't agree on which lamp or candle to buy for the newlywed. But it was quickly resolved when we realized how silly it was and how good kissing feels.

Do newlyweds really need light, anyway?

After the wedding, we went to the waterfalls. We had to blaze some trails down to where they were. We had our own little adventure. They were great and rushing. Really, they were manigifcent. I didn't know Idaho had so much to offer.

We spent the rest of the weekend in his town with his friends and family who I felt were my own friends and family. His dad gave me a fossil, his mom gave me a hug and a kiss, his best friend gave me breakfast on Sunday, I learned how to play the game called Brooklyn in best friend's car, and his nephew blew me kisses. We played pool and I never won, on purpose of course.

My favorite parts were probably when we ate watermelon, walked to church, and when he sang songs on his guitar (and I tried to harmonize).

I had a great weekend.
Thanks, D. Thank you so much.

<3 your kangaroo pouch jacket.


dalraygun said...

amen. I should be thanking you....so thanks jess.

Marie said...

Oh Jessipoo,

This makes me happy

And sad for you...

Kathleen said...

love! i love you! AND this entire blog. your boy is cute and you are cute together. i miss you and canʻt wait to see you in like 4 months! HERO. thats what you are.

kelly said...

so you have a boy, is this the same one that is saw last year? you guys are adorable. those falls are gorgeous!! WOW. i wish you were going to be in provo for the summer, i am coming to ed week.