06 May 2009

Eff stands for Friendship

Friendship comes in all sorts of forms.
I will expand on this subject.

#1 - Bracelets
Friendship bracelets never go out of style. I have a pretty hefty collection of them that have been given to me, made for me, or made by me. The best are the kind that come from special places. Kristen sent me one from Guatemala once, Amber gave me one from Belize, I have a few from my piano teacher to congratulate me on a good performance, I found some purple string in my house last summer and wore it as a friendship bracelet signifying good change. Anyway, I love friendship bracelets. They are like a token of companionship - something that never leaves your side and is always holding on to your arm.


#2 - Concerts and Parking Meters
Friendship comes through music when you go to a concert and carpool with some friends just so they will help you pay the parking meter fee.
i'm kidding.
Sharing music with people is so bonding. Sometimes, when I'm feeling alone, I find a friend in a music artist I've been feeling connected, too. You start singing and dancing and gyrating and before you know it, you've connected with those people on a whole new level.
Last night, Becca, Brooke, Marie and I went to the Thao concert. Afterwards, we talked about how we tend to have epiphanes on life in places and scenes like that. I ask myself, what do people think when they look at me/us? Do we make them happy because we are happy, or do we annoy them with our jovial light? This is called being concerned with how others think [caviat] but in a way that evaluates how our actions and appearances reflect who we are or who I am. In other words, there are lots of different personalities you find in an audience at a concert, and we don't want to be the misfits, we want to be the open-minded.


#3- Elephants
I think our dear friend Ashley Belle would have us know that friendship comes by way of elephant ride. Friendship with whom - the Indian Elephant Guide, or the actual elephant, you ask? Both. IndianElephantMan teaches you how not to piss the elephant off and the elephant promises a safe ride if you scratch him behind the ears.
This is what we call a conditional friendship.
Better than none at all.
Indian.Ashley.Elephant. [India]

I wish I had pictures to sum up all the ways I've been blessed with friendship lately. There is the good old chocolate chip cookie friendship, the sunday-school-back-scratch friendship, the stopped-in-the-middle-of-the-road-to-say-hi friendship, and the occasional i've-been-waiting-your-phonecall friendship.

Next time on Analyzing Abstract Arbitrary Things in Life that Don't Really Need Analysis:
Living in a Van.

Until then, thank you for reading my blog, dear friends.


Sarah said...

Red, you are one of my favotite people in the entire world.

I think working on friendship bracelets and afghans is a wonderful way to spend the summer. I'm crocheting a new blanket. It's a wavy pattern with four different yarns. I think it'll be pretty.

I haven't made a friendship bracelet in a very long time. I should get my strings out and make one soon. I just get too distracted by my books sometimes!

Kathleen said...

I think Iʻm definitely the waiting-on-your-phone-call friend. probably because that is the only way we can be friends at the moment. sad day.
oh, and i love friendship bracelets. iʻll make you one if you make me one. deal?