19 May 2009

My Ninja Moves

Today was a good day. Full of East Coast Breezes and lots of walking. After repacking (one of my most UNfavorite things on this whole planet) all my belongings, I walked to the PX, the sad substitute for Walmart found on every military base. I bought some Thank You gifts for Vinny and his daughter and their puppy. And then I came home and and looked up graffiti taxonomy. I was inspired after watching Bomb It last night with Vinny. Lately, my mind has been on graffiti. I really like it. I think it's artful and expressive and an exhibit of real art when it is demonstrating thought and voice. It can be vandalism a lot of the time like when the beautiful mural at my high school was vandalized via spray paint and zip codes, but most of the time it is just taking advantage of public space as any dogwalker or corporate business would. The movie makes some great points; Did the multi-millionnaire ask anyone their opinion before building an ugly, bland skyscraper to block out what little of Sao Paulo's clear skies were left for the public to behold? No, they didn't. Graf artists in Brazil, work under a whole different mission and motto then New York's but with the same spirit of expressing their voice. The speech-pathologist is coming out in me: Let them use their voice or whatever it is that helps them communicate! Anyway check it out, edited if you can.
The highlight of my day:
This is Vinny

This is Vinny's Bike

This is me on Vinny's bike

This is just another rad shot of his bike, a Kawasaki Ninja

We went 95 mph to Panera's for dinner. I've changed my mind about fast food.


Kathleen said...

thats a very good point about the sky scraper. you are my flaming red biker chick. in more ways than one in that picture.. get it??!?! cause... you have red hair... and you're on a red bike... ok.

Marie said...
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Marie said...

The ninja reminds me of Garden State when Natalie Portman's character says that her boyfriend drives a ninja.

The kids at school (especially Jose) would love you for this. And I agree with you. I think a lot of kids are already misunderstood and oppressed because of their passions. They love tagging and consider it an art and some of them are REALLY good. Instead of looking at it as a bad thing, perhaps we should embrace it as something beautiful. Then maybe kids would stop hating adults so much.

kelly said...

ok a motorcycle and a 30 yr. old stranger for a new friend, this is dangerous "mom's don't like that" territory! please be careful:)

Kathleen said...

i like the new picture heading. of course i miss seeing your feet whenever i want.